Oil Indus (Pvt.) Limited (OIL) provides commercial and technical advisory services to upstream and mid-stream sectors of the energy industry including:

  • E&P operators
  • E&P non-operators
  • Pipeline companies
  • financial institutions
  • end use clients that acquire energy services

Our clients regard OIL as an extension of their business and a key member of their team, because we:
- strive to understand the problem in the context of the client’s objectives;
- work closely with them to apply the appropriate level of technical & commercial analysis;
- draw from our knowledge base to define a sound, cost-effective solution;
- make a seamless transfer of the finished project to the client for implementation.

 We know our success depends on your success, so we approach every project with a strong sense of personal commitment and partnership.
OIL provides services in the following areas:

- Reservoir engineering

- Fair market value determination

- Reservoir simulation

- Investment & management counseling

- Production engineering

- Acquisitions & divestments

- Integrated asset modeling

- Exploration portfolio analysis

- Well engineering

- Prospect evaluation

- Production & deliverability forecasting

- Risk & resource assessments

- Development plans & re‑developments

- 2D, 3D interpretations

- Surface facilities

- Petrophysical studies

- E&P Asset management

- Subsurface mapping

- Commercial & economic evaluation

- Direction of JV programs



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